About Us

About Us

The problem

Clinical trials have always underpinned advancements in the medical industry, helping doctors and researchers discover new answers, treatments and better health outcomes for all patients. However, we are now facing challenges that inhibit the advancement of clinical trials.

Despite the abundance of information collected through the advanced medical devices we use every day, most of it is stored away and unused. There is still very little incentive to collate and process this data for effective use in research and clinical practices.

Therapeutic Areas

Hospitals and Medical Centres

Patient Records Analysed


Our solution

We at KeyLead Health have developed two fully customisable AI platforms to better help patients and doctors in the collection, management and analysis of medical data: Kletch and Klinik.

The multi-dimensional data captured through the patient-oriented, customisable Kletch platform is reported and presented to the doctors in a comprehensive and easily digestible manner.

The Klinik platform for doctors allows for simple and intuitive data visualisation in real-time, and predictive analytics using the latest AI technologies. Klinik allows the doctors to fully customise their reports tailored to their specific needs. The Klinik platform also allows users to easily identify, manage and maintain patient records, while enabling quick and accurate identification of potential patients for new treatments. 

With these platforms, patients, doctors and researchers can together build holistic insights and accelerate new cures through more efficient and intelligent information capturing, management, and analysis. 

Fully Customisable AI platforms

Suitable for patients and clinicians

Comprehensive and digestible data analysis

Cutting edge predictive analytics

Real time analytics